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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting 4 (bi-high school)___4____________________Gary crept away from his sister's door, his head swimming with confusion,
feeling sensations he could not categorize or understand--this was all too
much. Just yesterday he was a normal almost-14-year-old boy, fixated on
video games, swimming, riding bikes and jerking off before going to bed at
night. Today he had run around naked with a friend outdoors, seen his first
porno movie, felt his first hard cock other than his own, sucked and had
his cock sucked for the first time, jerked off in front of his sister, and
now heard her bring herself to a major orgasm while he listened at her
door. Once again, his cock was hard as steel and pointing almost straight
up. It had been harder than it had ever been so many times today it was
starting to hurt; maybe he busted something in it? He looked down at it
and tried to straighten it out, but that hurt too. No, he decided, it was
ok--just overworked.He walked slowly back to his room, still naked and carrying his shorts, his
hardon barely jiggling as he moved. He kind of wished it'd go down. He
figured he'd better call Greg, who he was sure would be totally freaked out
by now, and tell him everything was cool--he'd sure want to know if it was
he who got caught at Greg's house. He called. "Hello, is Greg there?" "Is
this Gary?" said Greg's Mom, "Oh hi, Gary. Well, he's here, but he's in his
room and he said he didn't want to be bothered." "Well can you tell him
it's me and that I know he'll want to talk to me?" "Well, he said...oh
never mind. I don't know what he's thinking sometimes either." She let the
phone drop for a moment. Gary couldn't imagine what was going through
Greg's mind right now."Gary?" said Greg's mom, returning, "He said he doesn't care if it's the
President, he's not coming out. Is there something wrong?""No, ma'am, he's just being an idiot. Maybe I should come over and talk to
him.""Oh, would you? He'll miss dinner otherwise--he told me told me to slip it
under the door, but I don't know how a baked potato is going to fit and...""Yah, no problem," said Gary, cutting her off; honestly, Greg's mom could
be such a ditz at times. "I'll be over in a few."Gary pulled on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt and gave a quick look in
his mirror. His still about 50% hard cock was ls island lolitas com very visible through his
shorts, but he didn't feel like wearing anything else and he was happy that
it had gone down at least that much. On his way down the hall he figured
he better tell Jamie where he was going in case his parents wondered when
they got home. Listening at her door, he heard nothing. He rapped sharply
on it. "Jame, you in there?" After a moment he heard rustling, then a
thump, a mumbled "Shit" and then the door opened, wafting out a pungent,
musky odor that he figured must have been from her recent activity. His
breath caught for a moment as he regarded his sister, her hair wild and
sexy, wearing a short robe that was belted so loosely that the center of
her body was exposed down to about 4 inches south of her navel, obviously
right above her pubic hair, and her long, tanned, perfect legs were exposed
up to what must have been immediately below it. His cock started to rise
again. Fuck."What?" she said groggily."I'm going to Greg's. He's still freaked out and he won't come out of his
room.""What a dipshit," Jamie replied, brightening. "But you better do something
about that before you get there," she added, indicating his visibly renewed
erection, "Or you guys'll probably end up doing it again, even young amateur loli girls though you
promised me you wouldn't only about an hour ago.""No way," replied Gary. "This is purely a mercy mission. And I'll be
honest this is because of you, not him. Look at yourself in the
mirror--you could give a dead guy a boner looking like that." With that, he
turned and went downstairs; she heard the front door close.Great, she thought--look in the mirror. If I do that I'm gonna start all
over again, and I'm just too tired. She closed her door and walked past
the mirror, intentionally not looking at it, flopped face first on the bed,
and almost immediately fell asleep underage nymphet lolita bbs again.********************Gary got on his bike and pedaled out of the garage toward Greg's house.
His mind was still on sensory overload, so he didn't notice for a moment
that his hardon was hanging out the leghole of his shorts as he pushed the
pedal down. Once he did notice he tried pushing his cock back in the
middle, but it flopped out again. Unfortunately, the action of the pedaling
rubbed his shorts against his hardness and added to the stimulation his
brain was already creating in abundance, leaving him with a hopelessly full
erection. God, everything's turning me on today, he thought. Would this
thing ever go down?He pulled up in Greg's driveway and hid around the side of his garage for a
few minutes, thinking sad thoughts and physically pushing his penis down
with his hand, forcing the blood out of it. It started to actually work,
and thoughts of his grandfather dying the year before made him very
morose. In this state he walked up to Greg's door and knocked."That you, Gary?" said Greg's mom. "What's the matter you look so
sad...well, come on in, he's in his room."Gary bounded up the stairs and turned left to Greg's door. He knocked
lightly. "You in there?""Fuck do you want? Just tell me how screwed I am and go, ok?""You're not screwed at all, beatface," said Gary forcefully but softly
through the door. "My sister's cool about it. Now will you open the fucking
door?"After a moment, the door opened a crack and Gary went through, shutting it
behind him. Greg was sitting up on his bed wearing only a pair of soccer
shorts. "How can she possibly be cool about catching us sucking each other
off?" Greg demanded, doubtfully. "My brother would of beat the shit outta
me if he caught us.""Well, maybe that's the difference between brothers and sisters. I actually
think she was a little turned on by it, if you want my opinion. She said
you have a big cock.""Oh fuck you, she did not!" said Greg angrily."She also said she never saw anybody come that much."Greg brightened considerably. "For real? She did? What else did she say?""That's all she said about you. She made me stay nude in front of her,
though, while we were talking and I got another hardon looking at her and
she made me jack off.""Shut up! You're so full of shit! You jacked off in front of your sister?
How could you get hard? Weren't you scared?""Once I figured out she wasn't going to bust us I relaxed and I was still
kinda horny 'cause I didn't get to come when you did and I started looking
at her a little different and remembered what you said about her being hot
and then I thought she was and I got a boner...""What was she doing when you were jerking off?""Well, she was kinda lying back and she felt her tits a little and she
rubbed her hand across her puss a few times. Her shorts were really tight
and you could really see where her puss was and that's mainly what got me
hard in the first place."Greg was lying back fully on the bed with his eyes closed shaking his head,
his hands behind his neck. "Jesus Christ, Gar," he said softly, "Your
sister's one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen and you got to see her
rubbin' her puss. That's fuckin' unbelievable. I'm hard as a rock again,"
he added, rubbing the front of his soccer shorts over a sizable
bulge. "Lock the door; I gotta jerk off. Nothing you haven't seen before, I
guess." very hot young lolita As Gary locked the door, Greg pulled his rock hard penis out the
leg of his shorts and started stroking it slowly. "Fuck, that feels good."Gary was also totally erect, of course, his penis poking about 3 inches out
the leg of his shorts. Without a word, he dropped his shorts to the floor
and went over to Greg's desk chair and began masturbating also, watching
Greg intently."You know, you can come over underage nymphet lolita bbs here and do that if you want," said Greg
softly. Gary hesitated a second and then walked over to Greg's bed, his
erection pointing straight up and barely moving when he walked. As he
approached the bed, Greg reached out with his other hand and gently stroked
Gary's cock as he stroked his own."I didn't want to do this again," said Gary hesitantly, "That's not why I
came over.""Who gives a shit why you came over?" replied Greg. "You're here, I'm here,
the door's locked, we've both got boners and this afternoon we made each
other feel better than we ever felt in our lives before. Why the fuck
wouldn't you want to do this again?"Greg had him there, Gary had to admit. Jamie was right--this was too good
not to do again. He reached down and enclosed Greg's hot cock in his fist,
beginning to pump."There, you see? Nothing to it. Move in here, a little," requested Greg,
pulling Gary a little closer and sliding his lips and tongue along the
shaft of Gary's cock. "It's your turn now, bud," said Greg through his
mouthful. As he began sucking in earnest, Gary turned around on the bed,
pulled Greg's shorts all very hot young lolita
the way off, causing his substantial organ to bob
up and down, and leaned over, sucking underage nymphet lolita bbs Greg's penis into his mouth."Ohhhh, fuck," moaned Greg, "That's the best thing in the world."Gary could quickly feel the point of no return coming, which was not a
surprise since he had been more or less hard for at least two hours by this
time. He felt the unmistakable tingle begin in his extremities and move
inexorably toward the center, as his arms and legs began to tremble. He
felt Greg's cock swell and saw his large balls draw up, and almost at the
same time Gary gasped in release lolita thai pre teen and shot a large (for him) spurt of semen
into Greg's mouth, Greg moaned softly, his cock pulsed strongly, and Gary
was rewarded with a mouthful as well. Both boys grunted and slobbered with
their simultaneous sucking and ejaculating for the better part of half a
minute, then both rolled off onto alternate sides of the bed in relief,
Gary's cock finally deflating slightly, and Greg's firing one last shot
onto his stomach before his started to do the same, the foreskin rolling
slowly back over the inflamed head."So you gonna give me any more bullshit about not wanting to do that
anymore?" said Greg with a smile."I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to do that whenever they could,"
said Gary truthfully. "Could it be that good with girl?""No fucking idea, man, but I sure wouldn't mind trying. Particularly with
your sister. Does she fool around? Is she going out with anybody?""She's not right now, as far as I know. As for fooling around, I know she
was going out with Bob Fields for a while and they made out a lot, but I
don't know if they ever actually did anything. I do know she jerks off,
though--she went up to www cp sexlol net
her room and did it this afternoon after she caught
us. I know those sounds, and she was making'em. When I knocked on her door
to tell her I was coming over here, she looked really sexed-out too.""If I didn't already blow a major load 3 times in like the last 3 hours I'd
be hard as a rock imagining that," said Greg dreamily. "But I think this
thing has finally had enough." He picked up his now limp dick and let it
fall with a plop onto his thigh."Me too," agreed Gary. "This is the first time my dick hasn't been at least
kinda hard since we did it the first time. Hey, I better get going. You
comin' by tomorrow?""No doubt. You wanna stay for dinner? I'll ask." Greg pulled his shorts
back on and stuck his head out the door. "MA! Can Gary stay for dinner?""Is it ok with his mom?"I'll call," said Gary, picking up Greg's phone. After dialing, he was
surprised that it went to the machine--where was Jamie? But the speed with
which it picked up meant there was a message, which he retrieved, then left
a short message telling Jamie he'd be at Greg's for dinner. "Cool, my
parents won't be home until late. Do I look ok?" he asked Greg."Like is there jizz on your face? No," said Greg, and punched him in the
arm as they piled, laughing, out of lolita thai pre teen the room.
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